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Anacortes Education Association

Know Your Contract

Extra Hours/Pay:

See contract pages


see contract pages 6-10

-Sick leaves (12 days per year) can be used for personal injury or illness to the employee or a member of the employees immediate family OR medical/dental appointments. *Unused days accumulate each year, not to exceed 180 days.

-Maternity leave: Must notify the district by the end of 4th month. Leave starts and ends at the discretion of the employee. (leave uses accrued sick time)

-Adoption Leave: 90 days unpaid leave for an employee who adopts a pre-school child. 1 day paid for a court appearance to execute a legal adoption.

-Bereavement Leave: 5 days per year for death or serious illness in the family of the employee. 2 extra days may be granted by the Superintendent if travel is greater than 250 miles.

-Jury Duty: Up to 14 days

-Annual Leave: Six days for personal, business, legal, or religious reasons. Can roll over one day for a total of seven days.

*no more than 10% of a buildings staff can be out on annual leave (rounded to the next whole number and minimum of two staff)

**no more than 5% during the first and last weeks of school and the day immediately before or after a state recognized holiday (waved for honors and awards for spouse or child--graduation, state tournaments, college presentations, professional awards, etc.)

***Accumulated annual leave can be cashed out at $135 or current substitute pay.

Leave sharing:

-To donate you must have more than 22 days accrued.

-Donating employee can donate up to 6 days per year.

-Donating employee cannot go under 22 days of accrued leave.

-No more than 180 days of shared leave can be used by an employee.


See contract pages 20-22

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Special Education:

See contract page 22 and MOU Special Education


Contract 2019-2021

MOU Special Education


Salary schedules 2019- 2020



AEA Diversity Plan